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The Hearing Conservation Programme



Custom Care Occupational Health and Hygiene has a strong customer focus and therefore starts at the customer with regards to their Hearing Conservation needs, not forgetting that there are specific regulations to adhere to in the Occupational Health environment regarding safety.

The Custom Care Hearing Conservation Program approach is to Supply the necessary PPE’s (Personal Protection Equipment) and HPD’s (Hearing Protection Devices), embedded in our Scope of Structured Service. We base our services on the facilitation of our client’s employees on the client’s HCP (Hearing Conservation Program), the Legal approach to Noise, the COP (Code of Practice) and Standards and Policies, through one-on-one communication and consultation.

Specific attention is also drawn to:

  • The Mine Health and Safety Act, Chapters 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 21, 22.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act, Chapters 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.
  • The Milestones on Noise Induced Hearing Loss as lay down by the DMR.

Customer Support

Transformation or Change Management:

  • Communication through the client’s normal system
  • Training
  • Awareness

Independent Service Provider and Original Equipment Manufacturer

Independent Service Provider and Original Equipment Manufacturer

Custom Care has had a 40 Year Relationship with the Mining Industry and in particular the Occupational Health & Hygiene environment.

  • From 1992 – Hearing Conservation Consultants and Hearing Protection (HP) Product & Service Provider
  • From 1999 – Various Hearing Protection Projects for Anglo
  • From 2011 – An Original Equipment Manufacturer of Custom Fit Hearing Protection Devices based on best practices



Custom Fit Hearing Protection Device




NoiseX ProperFit  is a Custom Fit Hearing Protection Device, meaning a protector snugly fitting in the hearing canal, made in acrylate. It is a personal fitment.

It is an attenuation adjustable product that is calibrated per person to suppress noise to the required legal sound attenuation levels. The attenuation is checked and adjusted in continuum during the fitment to obtain at least 18dBa at 125Hz and not to be less on any of the areas of measurement of attenuation in relation to the legal requirements of SANS 1451-2:2008, but may attenuate to higher levels as may be required for specific noise polluted environments.

The product comes with cleaning probe, corded with neon coloured cord on a crocodile clip, in a pouch and leaflet on fitment and hearing conservation.

What makes NoiseX ProperFit  special?

  • As comfortable as a hearing aid and light weight (>3 gram per ear);
  • Does not cause pressure or irritation in auditory canal and/or on eardrum;
  • The hearing canal is ventilated through the sound valve and does not cause build up of moist in the auditory canal;
  • The wearer does not experience a feeling of isolation – enhances productivity and safety;
  • The acrylate production material has excellent tensile, elongation and flexural properties preventing breakage;
  • Easy to use and produced per individual person – customised and cannot be used by any other person as it is a personal fitment;
  • Itemised – name and coy number imbedded;
  • Unimpaired directional hearing remains intact;
  • No irritation by echoing sound when walking or talking;
  • Speech is maintained – you can communicate by phone/mobile while wearing NoiseX ProperFit  ;
  • Perfect fit – assures proper attenuation;
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio;
  • Attenuation is adjustable to required level;
  • Adjusted for optimal communication while rendering required protection;
  • Maintainable as required by law; and
  • Serviceable to ensure ongoing integrity of protection

Custom Fit Hearing Protection

= Measurable

= Controllable

= Manageable

What does NoiseX ProperFit  look like?

NoiseX ProperFit √

*The name and or ID number of the wearer, the product serial number, left or right ear fitment of the product and the name of the product as well as the SABS mark of approval is printed into the product during production.

3M ™ Disposable Hearing Protection

We are agents for these products and it can be supplied by ourselves, but if the client has an existing established PPE provider the product can as such be made available to CustomCare for the necessary product fitment (sizing) and in sito testing of the disposable similar to the process with the NoiseX ProperFit   .

This allows for an assured fitment (fitment by prescription) of 3M disposable protection as may be required for temporary employees, visitors or as temporary protection for the employee while waiting to be supplied with the NoiseX ProperFit   .

Products Related to Basic Occupational Health Requirements

  • Eye Conservation
  • Lung & Respiratory Conservation
  • Basic Occupational Health and Hygiene Skills
  • Training relating to the above




We endeavour to capture all possible information reflecting on the employee, to compile information to manage the hearing quality of the employee.


The entire Clients’ employees and contracting employees will be consulted with regard to all Legal requirements and as directed by the Clients’ HCP, COP, Standards and Policies as well as according to the directives of the DMR, i.e. Milestones etc.

All employees are consulted on their quality of hearing, from baseline to any deviation of the baseline with the accent on the risk of noise, the implications of NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss), what to do about the risk and the implications of ignorance of the risk-work related, socially as well as legally.


  • Custom Care Process Flow
  • Custom Fit Hearing Protection Device
  • 3M ™ Hearing Protection Devices
  • Generic Hearing Protection Devices



Three Tier Training Approach:

  •  Basic Training for all Levels at the Occupational Centre
  •  Intermediate Training for all Supervisors and Safety Representatives
  • Complete Audiometrist Training for Legal Appointees and Occupational Health and Hygiene Personnel

Compliance and Competence Testing

  • Ad hoc Surveillance and Testing on Site
  •  Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS) Testing
  •  Distortion Product Of Auto Acoustic Emission Testing – Baseline and Shift (Diagnostic tool in Audiology to detect early indications of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)
  •  6-Monthly Biological Audiogram on site (not necessary to refer employees to Occupational Health Centre


Hearing Conservation Programme (HCP):

  • According to Client’s Request
  • DMR Format
  • Custom Care Hearing Conservation Roll Out
  • NIHL According to Action Manager for Supervision


  • Prescription of Hearing Protection Device to be used by the employee.
  • Annexure for issuing of applicable Hearing Protection Device and acceptance of thereof.
  • Certificate of attenuation and or calibration of issued Hearing Protection Device.
  • Proof of training and testing of the employee as legally required for Hearing Conservation including Instruction 171.
  • Awareness briefing documentation (according to the DMR directive on counselling of employees with hearing loss).

Best Practice

Best Practice

CustomCare strongly endorses Best Practice across the board in our approach relating to:

  • Production (3D)
  • Material (Moulding and Product)
  • USB Otoscope
  • Calibration/Attenuation
  • Training (MQA)
  • Evaluation (ABCC)
  • Database (SQL)

Our Mission is to Help in the Process of Identification of:

  • The Risk
  • Evaluation of the Risk
  • How to Eliminate/Reduce the Risk
  • How to Protect and Defend against and/or Avert the Risk


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