Health and Hygiene SolutionsHealth and Hygiene Solutions

Recently another field of expertise was added to Custom Care’s ambit, namely Custom Care H&HS (Health and Hygiene Solutions), when Gys Schwim joined the Company with a range of Hygiene Solutions such as hygiene equipment and services as well as Environmental Solutions such as Pest Control in 2011. This also includes control systems and reporting on companies’ Hygiene and Environmental Solutions.

He has been actively involved in this industry since 2002 with a number of companies under the Facility Management ambit operating in the Cleaning, Hygiene as well as Environmental Solutions industry and in 2009 registered with the Department of Agriculture as a qualified Pest Control Officer in General Pest Control.

Custom Care is a supplier of all your basic health and hygiene requirements from washroom requirements to cleaning products.

Hygiene Equipment includes washroom equipment from soap dispensers, waste bins, towel dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers, hand dryers and more.

Custom Care Health and Hygiene Solutions are ideal for any client that prefers to purchase their hygiene equipment as opposed to lengthy binding rental contracts. We also provide installation services.

We are also supplier of cleaning equipment to address the needs of small to large businesses as we have extensive experience in facilities management.

In support of sourcing hygiene equipment we can also provide you with a quote on Hygiene Services with simple services such as waste bin management and more.

Hygiene Consumables are also available on request and standing orders can be made for monthly or quarterly delivery. These include all your washroom consumables (i.e. hand soaps, sanitisers, toilet tissue etc) and cleaning products.

Pest Control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a person’s health, the ecology or the economy. With the necessary pest control licensing we can assist in the management of pests in your environment from rodent to termite infestations and more.

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