CustomCare is all about Occupational Health Conservation in the workplace. We pioneered the Hearing Conservation Programme along with Custom-fit Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs). The same approach is used in the Occupational Health Conservation field. Simply wearing Hearing Protection does not guarantee conservation of hearing as much as supplying general PPE does not ensure safety in the workplace.

A well-managed and communicated Hearing Conservation Programme (HCP), for example, allows you to empower your employees to take responsibility of their Workplace Safety and ultimately self-conservation to ensure a quality life outside the workplace for years to come.

Educated Employee = Safe Employee = Happy Employee = Efficient Employee


Kai Zen – Change for the best

Our Best Practice Cycle supports academic approach to change management in the workplace, which simplifies the transition to a responsible mind set to self-conservation – a personal endeavour for each employee.

A best practice cycle is used from first contact with our valuable clients including the following:

Evaluate – Analyse Complement and separate into needs analysis

Identify – Identify High & Medium Risk Employees

Plan – Prescribe best practice requirements for each employee according to categories identified

Awareness – Launch Awareness Campaign that communicates What, When, Where, How and Why?

Rollout – Actual implementation of solution including training, fitment and use of PPE

Document – We manage and Record all required Occupational Health Data for each individual to support Counselling process.