CustomCare About UsFounder and owner, Daan Venter, qualified as a Pharmacist, BSc (Pharm), at PU for CHE, i.e. The University of Potchefstroom, now known as the University of the North West. He also busied himself with MBA studies during 1983 and 1984.

During the 30 years of a practising pharmacist in the retail as well as hospital sector, he rendered pharmaceutical, medical and surgical products as well as services mainly to mining related communities and hospitals. This created opportunities for diverse marketing into the safety sector and around 1992 opened the doors to the hearing conservation environment. In 1992 Daan Venter completed the necessary courses to qualify in the Audiometric and Sound Level Measurement Field and became a Hearing Conservation Consultant. He also qualified as presenter of Management Courses and Problem Solving Skills, including modules such as Strategic Risk Analysis and Root Cause Analysis.

The business’ name, Venmark cc t/a Acusticare Health and Safety supplies was soon changed to the current name, Custom Care.

In 1992 Custom Care was invited and appointed by Amplats (now Angloplats) the platinum division of Anglo plc, to help with the Amplats Project on Hearing Conservation.  The aim of the Project on Hearing Conservation was to do a viability study on the use of custom-fit hearing protection devices in the broader mining and concentrator environment as well as the acceptability of the product in the whole employment environment. This Project rendered the so called Amplats Blueprint for Hearing Conservation early in 2000. The project started the application of Custom-fit Hearing Protection by Amplats in the mining industry and also leads the way into the large scale application in the International Market.

As of from 2010 Custom Care is proud to announce our ability as Project on Hearing Conservation as we acquired three dimensional (3D) printing technology and skills in order to produce our own custom-fit hearing protection devices. The manufacturing process is headed by our Production Manager, Eddie Pretorius who has been with Custom Care since the early days in 2000. Eddie is also qualified as a Hearing Conservation Consultant and completed 3D Systems Projet HD3000 Technical Training in Paris and RSM Materialise Design Training in Belgium to enable us to be the sole provider of this product and service in South Africa.

Custom Care complies with ISO 9001:2008  for Quality Management Systems under the scope of the global supply / manufacturing, installation / fitment and maintenance / service of custom fit and diverse hearing protection devices (HPD), training and reporting on hearing conservation programmes delivered to the hearing conservation field. We have also completed our SABS mark of approval  evaluation process and acquired our SABS mark of approval on the manufacturing and delivery of our Custom-Fit Hearing protection specified by SANS 1451-2:2008.

Through the practical experience gained, Custom Care could focus on the total needs and demands of hearing conservation. Research and development could be done for services to tie in with what was required to fit into and support the Hearing Conservation Programmes of the Mining and diverse Industries. Services are currently being rendered at various offices situated in Occupational Health Centers forming an integral part of the medical certification process of the employee.

Recently Custom Care added another field of expertise tou our ambit namely H&HS (Health and Hygiene Solutions).  This was made possible when Gys Schwim joined the Company with a range of Hygiene Solutions such as Hygiene equipment and Services as well as Environmental Solutions such as Pest Control in 2011. This also includes Control Systems and Reporting on Companies’s Hygiene and Environmental Solutions.

He has been actively involved in this industry since 2002 with a number of companies under the Facility Management ambit operating in the Cleaning, Hygiene as well as Environmental Solutions Industry and in 2009 registered with the Department of Agriculture as a Qualified Pest Control Officer in Structural and Domestic Pest Control.

As a positive reaction to Custom Care’s capability to deliver products and services in a turnaround time that exceeds industry expectations the need for a broader spectrum of sourcing requirements were identified. This promoted the opportunity to establish Custom Care GPE (Global Procurement Enterprises) to source and supply products and services overlapping with the above business areas.

We endeavour to keep up with the newest technology in our fields of expertise to continue with the delivery of world-class products, services and solutions.